What are the Advantages of a Biometric Attendance System

It may seem futuristic or like something out of a sci-fi movie but biometric systems are making their way into workplaces in both high security and general public industries. From fingerprint timekeeping to hand print computer access, implementing a biometric attendance system can help save businesses thousands of dollars annually in time saved during payroll and in time theft.

Consider these advantages to using a biometric attendance system and ask whether it’s right for your organization.

Less Time Spent During Payroll

Even the best employees have their lapses. Traditional punch in systems are forgettable, particularly when using the computer or phone throughout the day. A biometric attendance system stands apart from other modes of timekeeping. Since employees must go to a separate terminal and use their fingerprint to record time, it makes timekeeping more memorable to employees and reduces the amount of “missed” punches.

Reduction in Time Theft

Time theft can eat up to five percent of a company’s payroll costs and with other attendance systems, it’s hard to prevent these losses. Employees can simply hand their badge off to a co-worker to prevent clocking in late from lunch or punch in from their phone or another computer terminal to leave a few minutes earlier. While these forms of time theft seem innocuous, they add up quickly and can cost companies thousands to millions annually.

Ensure Attendance 

One of the new forms of timekeeping device allows employees to clock in from their smart phones or computers. While this seems like a great idea, requiring no additional technology to implement, in reality, these types of attendance system are a lightening rod for non-compliance. Employees end up clocking in from the parking lot or clocking out long after they leave. A biometric attendance system requires attendance at the worksite, not from blocks or miles away. If you need to ensure employee attendance at their job site, biometrics is the way to go.

Nothing To Lose

Many companies are still using badges or cards to log employee time. While this is a great idea in theory, in practice cards are lost, badges are misplaced, and HR spends more time reissuing timekeeping devices than actually using the system. With each lost badge, not only does the business lose money and time but also security may be at risk