ELBS Point of Sale (POS) as Counter Terminal. Retail industry always need to be prepared on handling a huge amount of customers efficiently. ELBS Point of Sales System will help you to do this by facilitating customer checkouts and helping your business to manage huge inventory. ELBS Point of Sales System will help you keep track of huge inventory stock, determine fast and slow selling items, use Gift card and loyalty plans, manage staff commission, check sales and stock . With ELBS POS System, your back office management will be simple and effective. This POS is Terminal. From Back end its Linked ELBS Accounts and ELBS RMS(Retail Management System). ELBS POS can handle Promotion and Multi Level Price base on item quantity and Customer. Its every simple Convent to use. No need and special Hardware. ELBS POS can work as bar code Scanner and Touch Screen Mode. ELBS POS Can work Counter base can Cashier base and also can use supervisor control to any price change or discount etc
ELBS POS Software Feature
  1. User Friendly
  2. Advance Security
  3. Price Change Control by Supervisor
  4. Multiple Price control at Quantity
  5. Multiple Price base and Customer
  6. Can use Promotion Items
  7. Promotion base at whole day and Specific Time
  8. Ability to Hold Record
  9. Can Make Multiple Payment
  10. Royalty Card
  11. Sale Return option
  12. Service Counster
  13. full integrated with ELBS Accounts
  14.  Compatible With Weighing Scale bar-code machine
  15. can you as touch Terminal
  16. Capture Supervisor Activity
  17. GST Ready
  18. Lot of More...
  • Sale POS
  • Service Counter
  • Bar-code Print
  • Void Bill
  • Maintain Customer
  • Customer invoice
  • Customer payment
  • Sale Report
    1. Print Sale Document Listing
    2. Print Daily Sale
    3. Daily Sale Analysis Graphical View
    4. Print Daily Gross Profit
    5. Print Daily Sale Analysis
    6. Print Hourly Sale Analysis Graphical View
    7. Print Daily Sale Analysis Graphical View
    8. Print Monthly Sale Analysis Graphical View
    9. Print Yearly Sale Analysis Graphical View
    10. Print GST Bill Analysis
    11. Print Sale Product
  • Counter Report
    1. Counter Close Report
    2. Collection Report
    3. Daily Checkout
    4. Transaction Detail
    5. Daily GST Report
  • Inquiry Report
    1. Supervisor Activity
    2. Service Counter Report
    3. Cash in/Out Report
    4. On Hold Bill Report
    5. Cashier Closing Analysis
Customer Range
  1. Bakery & Sweat Shop
  2. Book Stores and Stationery Stores
  3. Hypermarket
  4. Boutique Shop
  5. Bicycle & Motor Sale
  6. Hair and Beauty salons
  7. Car spare-parts Store
  8. Computer & Accessories shop
  9. Florist shop
  10. Furniture Shop
  11. Gift shop
  12. Hand-phone Sale shop
  13. Hardware stores
  14. Laundry
  15. Mini Market
  16. Music School
  17. Optical Shop
  18. Organic shop
  19. Pharmacy
  20. Photograph shop
  21. Pet Shops
  22. Tea Leaf
  23. Sweat Shop
  24. Toy Shops
  25. Vege and fruit & etc
Minimum System Requirements
Recommended System Requirements