POS System Basic, Standard & All in One Bundles
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Bundles Price
 Retail POS System – Basic
Retail POS System – Standard RM3899
Retail POS System – All in One RM4639
Retail – Basic + Attendance System RM4399
Retail – All in One + Attendance RM6200
F&B POS System – Basic RM2849
F&B POS System – Standard RM3964
F&B POS System – All in One RM4210
F&B POS System + Order Station RM5599
F&B POS + Order Station + Printer RM6099
Bundles Price
F&B POS + Order + Attendance RM7040
Laundry POS System – Standard RM3588
POS – AIO PC Basic RM3550
POS – AIO PC Standard RM3809
Fresh Market POS System – Basic RM3149
Fresh Market POS System – Stand. RM4215
Workshop POS System – Standard RM3139
Optical POS System – Standard RM5389
Beauty Salon POS System – Stand. RM4120
Pharmacy POS System – Standard RM3915
Bundles Price
Mobile POS System – Basic RM2399
Mobile POS System – Standard RM3449
Mobile POS System – All in One RM3780
Attendance System Bas. – Bundle 1 RM1749
Attendance System Bas. – Bundle 2 RM2030
Purchase with Purchase** Price
Food & Beverage Order Station RM1799
Fingerprint Attendance System RM1533
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Retail POS System – Basic

ELBS POS Software New Thermal Printer New Mouse
Recon CPU New Cash Drawer New Keyboard