From our point of view, restaurants and retail are very different; that's why we only focus on retail POS software and Food and Beverage Software Separately.

ELBS Food & Beverage Management System is a product tailor made especially for the food service industry. With years of effort, research, market evaluation and investigation, ELBS F&B solution is sophisticated enough to meet the needs and demand of the food industry and is well received in the marketplace.

Our real implementation experience has allowed us to improve our system to be the most sophisticated and our customer-oriented principle, leads us to design a user friendly system. By using elbs , you will have a higher level of management standard on your food business without incurring huge training cost for front-line staff in learning the system.  
ELBS F&B POS Feature List
  • Computerized Billing & Ordering System
  • Membership & Reservations
  • Cost & Inventory Control
  • Floor Plan Layout
  • Attendance & Personnel Management
  • Remote Chain Store Management
  • Centralized Food Menu Management
  • Offline Operation/Auto Synchronization
  • Shared Receipt Printing
  • Paperless Kitchen Order
  • Wireless Wi-Fi Ordering terminal
  • Wireless Order Printing
  • Optical Mark Reader Technology
  • Powerful Reporting Function (daily, periodically, monthly, yearly)
  • Reports Export to Excel, PDF, CSV and HTML etc
  • OFFLINE mode
  • Membership
  • Day End email
  • ipad Solution (C.S.)
Excellent & distinctive features
  • Automatic cashier billing and computerized ordering
  • Provide standalone / network version
  • Support touch screen / keyboard operation
  • Diagnostic multiple kitchen printing
  • Versatile reports
  • Back-end edit log
  • Powerful back-end management
  • Support various POS hardware and operating systems
  • Free upgrade service
  • Worldwide licensing services
  • Remote/Offline chain store management with Auto Sync
  • Cost and inventory control
  • Attendance and personnel management
  • Gift certificate
  • Wireless Solution
  • Security control
 Billing & Ordering
  • PLU food key input
  • Hot item input
  • Food category input
  • Set meal handling
  • Limited quantity setting of food item
  • Kitchen printing redirect
  • Set meal item change with price change setup
  • Multi-price and charge by time setting
  • Free input of kitchen messages (waiting / Make Faster etc.)
  • Table lock
  • Bill dividing / combining
  • Bill reprint record
  • Various discounts handling
  • Taxation handling
  • Bill dividing handling (by amount / average)
Minimum System Requirements
Recommended System Requirements