ELBS POS system is software package that is frequently packaged with an accompanying compatible hardware package used to organize and operate your business. The software links your customer service, inventory, accounting, payroll and other departments within one program, which helps centralize your administrative tasks. Using ELBS POS is tremendously time-saving and efficient compared with the alternative of using separate software to manage each area. It can also improve the customer experience with efficient sales programming, reduce waste with automated inventory reconciliation and expiration and ordering alerts, and prevent theft.
ELBS POS Software terminal is similar to a computer because it using an operating system, and many offline software packages are designed to be compatible with only the hardware built at roughly a contemporary time frame. but ELBS POS software not required specified hardware, can use window base is Operating System, Receipt printer or normal printer with customer display etc
While there are many industry-specific software packages available, many of them don’t offer all of the features available in a general retail software package. Often times, a general retail software package can do everything that industry-specific software can do, plus a whole lot more. ELBS POS Software us suitable all type of Industry for example Retail, Hardware, Laundry, Restaurant, coffee Shop, Bar, Club etc
ELBS POS software that has an offline mode will continue to work, even during a server interruption. When the connection re-establishes, the data from the offline transactions are uploaded to the memory for use in transaction details and reports.
System menu, device Setting, Default Setting, Assign Counter No and Save
ELBS POS can support all bar code printing weighing scale machine, Weighing scale machine any you can setup, System, device Setting, Weighting Scale machine, follow insturction
ELBS POS software can support, RJ11 and USB base cash drawer
ELBS POS software can support promotion base at quantity, price, buy one free, discount promotion. Can set promotion for date and time also etc